Frontend Engineer +

Full-stack Developer

Frontend Engineer using HTML, CSS, JavaScript, TypeScript, React, and Nextjs. Backend using Node, Express, SQL, Postgres & Prisma ORM. I can assist in building robust web, mobile, and desktop applications.

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About Me

I began my development journey in 2017, focusing on design, branding, UX/UI, and WordPress. This led to founding my own design and development agency in 2018.

From 2020, I expanded my skills into programming languages like HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Python, C, C++, and C#. To deepen my understanding, I completed fundamental computer science courses from reputable institutions like Harvard and other online platforms.

I further developed my expertise through certifications and courses from industry leaders like Meta, IBM, and Google, alongside resources like Udemy. I have extensively studied JavaScript and React documentation. And i love to read documentations.

Currently, I'm passionate about GoLang (especially the Gin Framework) and fascinated by the advancements in artificial intelligence and its potential for positive impact. I have a strong desire and aptitude for continuous learning.

I'm a quick learner with a proven track record of achieving exceptional frontend performance.


Projects I've Built

I have a proven track record of building projects from the ground up, including SaaS applications. My process emphasizes thorough planning and user-centric design. I start by collaborating with stakeholders to understand business needs and user goals. Then, I focus on information architecture and design, creating wireframes and UI designs that ensure a seamless user experience (UX). Next, I build MVPs followed by the development of the full product using Frontend, Backend and Database and Deployment. Finally, I prioritize performance optimization and ensure applications are production-ready.

Problem I've Solved

While I've prioritized in-depth technology learning, I recognize the importance of hands-on problem-solving. I'm committed to dedicating more time to solving problems in the future, which will further hone my expertise and ability to provide innovative solutions.

Problem SolvedProblem SolvedProblem SolvedProblem Solved

Skill Certifications

I have a strong commitment to continuous learning, evidenced by my completion of over 100 courses in programming, web applications, cyber security, performance, design, etc. My dedication to ongoing education ensures I stay up-to-date with the latest technologies and best practices

Works Experience

Since 2017, I've gained diverse experience in the IT/Tech industry through both freelance and remote positions. With a focus on e-commerce, marketing, and SaaS, I've contributed to a wide range of client projects. Additionally, I founded a design and development agency in 2018. I'm currently seeking a collaborative role within a well-organized team where I can continue to grow my expertise.


Full Stack Developer

at Belivup Technology
2y / Bangladesh - on-site

Built full-stack web application - using React & Nextjs
• 100k+ icons for React & Nextjs with NPM Package
• 4000+ SEO Indexed Pages + Server Side Rendering
• 100% Performance, SEO and Accessibility Score
• Includes authentication, subscriptions, stripe payment integrations
Building web, mobile & desktop applications. Working with SAAS products and services using cutting-edge technologies


UX/UI Designer

at Tic Digital Marketing
2y / New York, USA - Remote

Marketing agency based in the USA. My role was
• Designing web applications
• Email templates, client's projects
• Landing pages, Marketing materials, and so on


Head of Designer & Developer

at Flexible Magnets
3y / New York, USA - Remote

American Ecommerce company. They had multiple Brands, Such as Flexible Magnets, Better Crafts, Bubble Blastte. I've Designed and Developed 3 of their websites

• Re-designed & Developed website vs old version using Weebly
• 40% sales Increased with newly designed website, images, amazon products, photos, email templates, and much more
• Developed and listings using Shopify
• Designed packages, graphics assets, emails & landing pages


Freelancer Designer & Developer

at Upwork
5y / Bangladesh - Freelance

I was a top-rated Freelancer. I have experience working with various clients as a Freelance Designer & Developer.

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I'm eager to join a collaborative team where I can contribute my skills and learn from others. If you have an exciting project, let's discuss how I can be a valuable asset. I'm actively seeking a new opportunity to apply my skills and continue growing!

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